Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Favorite Thing

My favorite thing is my naked little boy. He is so dang cute. But ... to allow him to maintain some dignity I will start this sequence beginning with a diaper shot. This is the little guy getting dressed. And yes ... I'm one of those moms that is basically going to devote my blog to my baby. (Pictures of him are much cuter anyway).

(and don't you love the onesie even more on his royal body?)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tyler Decorates for Christmas

No, Andy, I won't 'spare the world' either. We made these stocking signs at Super Saturday and I asked Tyler to hang it and I gave him our stockings to put on it. Lincoln and I were watching a movie and when we came out this is what we found. I thought it was so dang cute. Way to go Tyler! (and yes ... these are the same socks that have made the blog previously. they are so cute, can you blame me?)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mother Boy XXXI

This is our little guy representin' (thanks Calkins and Tafoyas)
And here we are matching.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lincoln Goes to Church ...

... and he probably had a blanket on the whole time so few people saw his awesome church outfit.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our Anne Geddes inspired trailer trash happy Thanksgiving cornucopia picture. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hes Here!

Lincoln Tyler Rice
weighs in at 7.5 lbs and 20 inches
born 11-20-09 at 5:13
we already love him so much! (i always thought it was cliche when moms said that, but i get it now. really, its all i want to say).

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Am the Anti-Contraction

Talking with my grandma today she gave me a visual image I couldn't help but share. She said when she was pregnant with my mother that my mom put one foot on each side of her pelvis, folded her arms, and refused to come out. I think my kid is following suit. Maybe its because of book club, but I picture this straddling the birth canal:
(Sorry if thats too graphic) He is already thinking, "Oh, the cleverness of me!" Or not ...
So, yes, I am overdue ... no baby yet. Don't worry, I will let all of cyberspace know when he arrives. We can't wait.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Once again ... No Picture for your benefit

I was just thinking this morning that one of the things I love about pregnancy is how often my pants slide down and I show a little butt-crack. When your belly sticks out this far it just pushes any and all pants right on down. Its really quite glamorous. Sorry to anyone who has been on the receiving end of such a view.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I don't think its just pregnancy brain. I grew up in a neighborhood with street names like sycamore and tamarack. I was telling some friends about the difference in raking leaves at my parent's house and our tiny little trailer yard. I didn't know what a tamarack was. So, just FYI, the first tree is a tamarack (kind of looks like a pine, huh Sussanah?), the second is a sycamore, and the last is a catalpa. Geesh ....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Friends

I have been feeling really blessed recently because of the girls I know. I have been learning so much and I have met a lot of amazing people (too many to mention so I'm just picking 3 of the most recent to blog about).
So, my new friend, Susannah, accomplished 2 things by hosing a mini-class last week. 1- she helped me remember I like beading. I made a bracelet last night and these are the earrings she showed me how to make. and 2 - I haven't worn earrings since senior prom I think. Nope, not even for our wedding. I wore earrings to church on Sunday. I meant to have Tyler take a picture of me actually wearing them, but we sort of fell apart after a long stake conference and forgot all about pictures. (and isn't it nice to have something new to make you feel cute when you are really just feeling fatter and more swollen by the day?)
Next thought is about my friend Jill. She spent the entire afternoon on Friday teaching me how to make bagels. Its something that I always thought would be good to make, but sounded like too much work to try. She also cooks in metric so it was really interesting to see that. I'm now no longer scared of making bagels (although I learned it def takes less time to just run to the bagel shop!)
Lastly, and the inspiration for this post- When I got home from bagel making Friday night I had gotten this in the mail. Is it not the cutest? What made me even happier was Tyler even loved it, and I don't think he has taken a second look at baby clothes yet. So, the last shout-out goes to my friend Diana for always being creative and having great ideas. Her blog shows the evidence. She is always making something cute, and I love being the recipient.
PS ... our due date is 2 weeks from today. (I keep telling people I think he will come later than that, but I still can't wait!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Shower

We went home this weekend for the express purpose of a baby shower. Here are some pix:
me and my sister
Jonas and the Rice crew
My Aunt Kris and Grandma Joyce
My cousin Sara and her dang cute daughter, Natalie.
Jennette-s, Rhonda (the baby's OTHER grandma) and Penguin Grandma
The Hostesses: Karen and Annie and Jan
We got thoroughly spoiled! The Prince of Bel-Air is going to be so dang cute! (Thats his name for blogging purposes because the name of our trailer park is 'Bel-Air'). Thanks everyone! I wish we could have been there (Boise) longer to catch up even more. Next time there will be three of us!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I Have Made

I'm pretty proud of some of my accomplishments as of late so here is a little bit of bragging:
1- I learned how to crochet forever ago (I think when I was in achievement days Mary Stosich first taught me). But ... I have never been able to read a pattern. So, on one of our garage-saling escapades I bought a 'learn to crochet book' in hopes that I could learn to read patterns. This was my first endeavor - (oh ... its a giraffe if you can't tell ... PS he glows in the dark!)
2- I am so sick of making curtains! But ... these will hopefully be the last ones for a long time. Plus, they were the most fun. Yes, they look a little like Charlie Brown Christmas trees, but they are not.

3- I made spanakopita for the first time. Tyler was a good sport and humored me by eating a couple pieces. I thought it turned out pretty well.
4- I made it on a 3.5 mile hike. This looks pretty dead, but we actually think Moscow is very pretty.
5- Tyler and I together made a delicious chocolate trifle. Thats another thing I had never made before.
6- With the help of the above mentioned trifle and spanakopita I have been making this belly. I know its kind of small, but when I saw this picture it surprised me to see how big my belly actually is getting. I'm at 34 weeks and the baby is plenty active. So, theres the pregnancy update too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Pictures for Your Benefit

So, most of you know that I have had 'morning sickness' for about the last 7 months. I try not to whine about it too much, but today ... I think I need to brag about it. I am getting REALLY good at throwing up. Maybe I should start teaching bulimia lessons or something. :) Here is the deal - I have been feeling pretty lousy the last few days. Today, I ate a burrito at about 11:00am. As soon as I finished my juice (compliments of WIC) I got up and CALMLY walked to the bathroom. I CALMLY pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I sat down on the floor and lifted the toilet-seat. Then I began to expel my burrito between my well-paced, deep, CALM breaths. After a few heaves I cleaned off the potty, blew my nose and came back out to the living room. Its like its no big deal for me anymore. There used to be a day when I had to run to make it there in time, or I would heave so hard that puke was stuck in my nasal cavities for days, but my technique has greatly improved.

Now, aren't you glad I didn't post pictures?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We went to visit the Anderson's (Tyler's sister's family) over Labor Day weekend. They moved to Issaqah, WA (right outside Seattle) last spring.
I thought that letting my nephews and neice have reign of my camera would be fun for them. So, I now have a bunch of pictures of slugs and the floor.
We got to spend time with Jen's family and Tyler's parents. We also got to go visit my cousin on Sunday. She and her husband are stationed on the opposite side of Seattle. We got to see a lot of the area, and I thought it was very pretty.
Yeah, I can still zip my jacket sometimes. (And Zav did an excellent job taking this photo).
Katie loved the chocolates and Tyler now wants a St Bernard after visiting this awesome choc shop.
Here is a reason why I love my nephews and neice: We were in the car with the boys and I asked, "Do you guys know who Michael Jordan is?" They thought it was a weird question. "No ..." Then Seth pipes up, "I know who Scary Larry is!"

And P.S. We got some new pets. Little frogs because apparently, I am still a kid at heart and I thought the frogs the kids got were awesome and I needed some too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A few Before and Afters

I tried to put these in a little bit of an order, but hopefully you can figure out which ones are the 'befores' and which ones are the 'afters'
This is our bathroom. Too bad the toilet isn't open so you can see the yellow water I whined about previously.

Don't worry, I didn't make much effort to clean up to take pictures. (The mess gets worse in following pix). I cleaned all day yesterday (and for the last couple months ... to me, this looks pretty good). Also, I want everyone to note what an amazing bed we sleep on. My grandma gave it to us, and we are very appreciative. The air mattress that served as a bed just wasn't quite doing it for a fat little pregnant girl anymore.

The tiny baby's room that is bursting with baby stuff. Hopefully, I can make room for a baby to fit in there too.

Heres all the clutter I was referring to. But, I have 2 more sets of shades to make today and then maybe I will but it away. I would like to point out the island with the shelf Tyler made me, my shelf with aprons hanging from it, and my 'electric yellow' kitchen. Picking paint is harder than I thought.

This is the opposite view- the kitchen looking in to the living room. We spent a lot of time on window coverings in their and they are barely in the picture. I was pretty proud of myself for making roman shades though. See the old wall with the fake brick and panel mirrors? It was a project, but I am so glad Tyler was able to tear that down and put in a normal wall. Also, look at the difference in light fixtures. Tyler is so proud.

This is the spare room that looks only half unpacked. Somehow, we have more crap than we can contain in a 3 bedroom trailer and 3 sheds. So ... this will prob sit here for a while.
One last thing I want to point out because it was so much work, is that all the wood paneling you see ... it had to be spackled at least twice, primed and then paineted. Sometimes more than once or twice. But ... there is no more wood paneling visible in this trailer. We still have quite a bit of work ... but we are getting there!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

things i love about living in a trailer park

i was hoping to de-clutter the house enough today to put up some before and after shots, but its looking more like tomorrow. so, without photos, i would still like to share some of my favorite things about my new life as trailer trash (for those of you that thought I made fun of North Carolina too much, you will see I can find the negatives anywhere I live). :)

-free massages. when i run the washer or dryer and sit back on the other end of the house i still end up getting a nice vibrating massage. very relaxing.
-the color orange. we are on a well. apparently, it has issues. its a good thing we are BSU fans because otherwise we might have been very upset when the water turned all our underwears orange.
-speaking of the well, who doesn't love the smell of sulfer in the morning? nothing like a rotten-eggs shower to get you feeling clean. (its actually not too bad, and we are supposed to be turning over to city water in october).
-its a 3 bedroom trailer. but does it really count if one bedroom is 14 square feet? good thing babies are small.
-someone told us that it looks a little silly when the chandelier in the kitchen is worth more than the rest of the trailer.
- i thought it was very convenient when painting that i could easily reach up and touch the ceiling. no ladder needed for me. although, each time i hit my head on the light fixture hanging from the ceiling the enchanment of low ceilings fades.
-bugs. first, we thought our problem was wasps. still is. then it was mosquito eaters. they come inside, drop their legs off around the house, but don't die. i find them struggling for life, legless, each morning. also, I didn't know it was possible to bring my laundry in from off the line and find over 7 lady bugs in the beforementioned orange underwears. earwigs. i will never get used to them. i hate them. and recently they have been enjoying the place. tyler and i have really honed in our hunting skills. i killed 2 flies with one smack yesterday. this morning, when i went outside to water my strawberries, the entire front yard began to buzz louder with each step i took. i realized the ground was alive with flies. disgusting. and i don't think that slugs qualify as bugs, but we have HUGE banana slugs living under the trailer. out of sight, out of mind.
-privacy. living in a trailer often feels like living in a fishbowl. we are still working on window-coverings, but until then i can tell you whether our neighbors ordered pizza or chinese last night. they order delivery for one of the 2 nearly everyday.
-the fishbowl has led to some other amazing neighborhood experiences-
1-watching a domestic dispute. when you are married and live with your parents and look like you are 16 and scream F-bombs at one another up and down the street someone is bound to be entertained. we were.
2-the discovery that my child will never get ot play in the front yard. the neighbors that order delivery each night have a friend who comes over often and he drives a truck. with a beer in his hand. every time we see him.
3-tyler looking like a pervert. the first week we were here we painted the living room. tyler was edging around the windows and the grandaughters of the neighbor behind us were playing outside (which they do every afternoon). they are 2 and 4 and they decided they like playing in the kiddie pool naked. as tyler was kneeling at the window to paint he suddenly discovered how creepy he must look as a new neighbor, kneeling at the window, staring at naked little girls. he found a new project to work on.
-we actually really like most our neighbors. but i do have to mention the trailer on the corner. if you walk within 30 feet of it you know the people that live there are heavy smokers. if you walk within 200 feet of it and the head of house is outside you know that he looks like santa and has a large plumber's crack issue.
-it wouldn't be a trailer park without the token purple house, the lit-up american flag, the neighbors whose porch is overfowing with keystone light boxes, yappy shitzus, and camping trailers scattered about with no apparent owner.

without the sarcasm
-i really do love having my own place that i can do whatever i want to. i didn't even have to call and ask a landlord when i painted or made tyler tear down walls.
-rent. lot rent is about a third of regular rent.
-having a yard. i have strawberry and raspberry plants!
-sheds. i love when we have somethign we don't know what to do with and we can now say, "eh, put it in the shed."
i'm sure there is more, but this will suffice for now. pictures of this amazing place are coming soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i found some pics from our first trip to boise

this is my super-cute wakeboarding husband
this is one of Heaton's modeling shots ... i wonder why he isn't on the cover of a magazine. :) let me mention though, that in the year we were gone he grew 5 inches and became a teenager.
this is my mom's modeling shot
this is my brother, Brayden, showing off
this is me with my skinny little brother
and this is tyler and i doing what i do best because the MDs said no wakeboarding or water skiing this summer. and then tyler enforced it (i may have cried about this a couple times).
this is my fancy-pants uncle Mark showing the wakeboarding generation how things used to be done
this is my grandma and her husband, tim
when we first got back i found it really cute that my brother just wanted to be around me all the time (it must of worn off because the last trip to boise he was more interested in his video games). here he is trying to feel a little kick from his future nephew (cute, right?)
i do have a sister ... but no pictures of her. i think she even got cuter while we were gone. but ... this is brayden once again
so, thats pictures of my side of the family that i took from my parents. i wish i had pictures of tyler's side from family reunions and Idaho City. one of my fav stories is that my cute nephew, Seth, was interested in the fact that there was a baby in me. he kept asking if I had picked out a name yet. one morning he grabs my hand and says, 'lets play a game ... i know, lets go downstairs and you can have your baby now.'