Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pirate Party

So we live in a town of about 60-70,000. Apparently, some radio DJ once dubbed it G-Vegas. When we heard this we thought it was some sort of joke. But its not. There is a G-Vegas magazine and cars have it and here is the proof. The college has the reputation of being quite the party school, but more so in it's history.

Thats not really what this post is about. Its about the party that is occuring. The Pirate Party. My nephew, Shawn (and I think I may have spelled that wrong already making me feel bad) is turning 2 and hes going to have a Pirate Party. Because the college here is the ECU Pirates, the hideous things adorn the town. Here is a sample of the Pirate Party town we live in. And Happy Birthday Shawn!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Made a Wedding Album

I'm nearly finished putting together a wedding album. I thought it would be kind of cliche to put wedding pictures up now, but I was looking at some friends' blogs wanting to see more of their pictures, so here our some of ours. (these are my favorites at least):
Yes ... I really did have a blue cape. And I just love the look on our faces (esp. Tyler's).

These are in no particular order, but these are my girls.
This one just makes me happy.
This is my cute nephew Seth, who I think I loved before Tyler because he became my best buddy at a family reunion.
They're a close family?
Our beautiful cake made by Jennette.
More Family!

My family ...

... and my new family.

I'm a little vain. I just like how the dress looks.

And some couple-y pictures.
I hope I said thank you to those that helped with the wedding. I really appreciated it. If not ... thank you and I now owe you big time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore." -Yogi Berra

Today we discovered the wonders of garage sales in Greenville. Here is a list of what just under $80 has bought us:

a new Trek 1400 road bike (quite the upgrade from the one we left behind)
a nice coffee table
wicker chair and foot-stool (for porch sittin')
hair product
with the above three listed items the lady threw in a pretty nice rug
a vintage boy scout pack
a treasure box
a pretty decent vacuum cleaner
with that the lady gave tyler a complimentary ECU tennis ball her dead husband may have won years ago
vacuum bags X 3
one heck of a school desk that fits in it's place perfectly
electric pencil sharpener
boogie board (which we did awesome at this afternoon)
crepe pan (these are a rarity, my mother would be so proud)

"basically, Greenville garage sales are the bomb-dot-com." -Tyler

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Da Beach

Since neither one of us has a job to be at, we decided to take a little drive and go to Myrtle Beach down in South Carolina and then to Sunset Beach, both of which we gave a 'Thumbs Up'. I'm still not exactly sure how to describe it, but the sand at Sunset Beach was like walking in powdered sugar it was so fine. All in all, a great day at the beach. I (Tyler) am voting we go back to the beach when Hurricane Hanna hits the coast this weekend. This way we can play in some really big waves, but Katie thought we should instead go get some supplies (Jugs of water, canned food, puzzles) so we can sit it out at home instead. I'm thinking if we are stuck inside with no power and nowhere for her to run I'll think of SOMETHING exciting to do.

Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Here!

We are starting to feel settled. Here is a recap of the last week:

This is Utah. We then took turns sleeping through Colorado, New Mexico, and never-ending Texas. After 28 straight hours we stopped in Denton, TX and stayed with my (Katie's) dad for a couple days.

We then drove to New Orleans. Which was a little crazy. It may not exist AGAIN in a week.

After New Orleans we took a pit-stop outside Mobile, Al to get the alternator fixed. We slept on a friend's floor for about 3 hours in Atlanta, GA, and then finally came to a stop in Greenville. (Partially because we also had to buy a new battery for he car). We found a nice apartment and unpacked. We now sleep on an air-mattress. We went to church yesterday and really liked our new ward. So far so good!