Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Pictures for Your Benefit

So, most of you know that I have had 'morning sickness' for about the last 7 months. I try not to whine about it too much, but today ... I think I need to brag about it. I am getting REALLY good at throwing up. Maybe I should start teaching bulimia lessons or something. :) Here is the deal - I have been feeling pretty lousy the last few days. Today, I ate a burrito at about 11:00am. As soon as I finished my juice (compliments of WIC) I got up and CALMLY walked to the bathroom. I CALMLY pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I sat down on the floor and lifted the toilet-seat. Then I began to expel my burrito between my well-paced, deep, CALM breaths. After a few heaves I cleaned off the potty, blew my nose and came back out to the living room. Its like its no big deal for me anymore. There used to be a day when I had to run to make it there in time, or I would heave so hard that puke was stuck in my nasal cavities for days, but my technique has greatly improved.

Now, aren't you glad I didn't post pictures?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We went to visit the Anderson's (Tyler's sister's family) over Labor Day weekend. They moved to Issaqah, WA (right outside Seattle) last spring.
I thought that letting my nephews and neice have reign of my camera would be fun for them. So, I now have a bunch of pictures of slugs and the floor.
We got to spend time with Jen's family and Tyler's parents. We also got to go visit my cousin on Sunday. She and her husband are stationed on the opposite side of Seattle. We got to see a lot of the area, and I thought it was very pretty.
Yeah, I can still zip my jacket sometimes. (And Zav did an excellent job taking this photo).
Katie loved the chocolates and Tyler now wants a St Bernard after visiting this awesome choc shop.
Here is a reason why I love my nephews and neice: We were in the car with the boys and I asked, "Do you guys know who Michael Jordan is?" They thought it was a weird question. "No ..." Then Seth pipes up, "I know who Scary Larry is!"

And P.S. We got some new pets. Little frogs because apparently, I am still a kid at heart and I thought the frogs the kids got were awesome and I needed some too.