Thursday, July 29, 2010

All the reasons I'm 90 ... or as many as i can think of right now

i like to knit. once i start on a project i get a little obsessive.
i like classical music. albeit, when i listen to it i think of scenes from bugs bunny.
i quilt.
i think about foods that are easy on my bowels. TMI, i know.
i think teenagers look ri-dic-o-lous.
my teeth are falling out, but really, they have been my whole life.
i drive slow.
i think lots of music and movies are inappropriate. thats if i have even heard of them.
i like to do family history work.
i am always cold. and i like to wear sweaters.
i have an impressive button collection.
my feet hurt if i wear the wrong shoes.
i really enjoy front porch sittin'.

fortunately, i have this kid to keep me young.