Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Friends

I have been feeling really blessed recently because of the girls I know. I have been learning so much and I have met a lot of amazing people (too many to mention so I'm just picking 3 of the most recent to blog about).
So, my new friend, Susannah, accomplished 2 things by hosing a mini-class last week. 1- she helped me remember I like beading. I made a bracelet last night and these are the earrings she showed me how to make. and 2 - I haven't worn earrings since senior prom I think. Nope, not even for our wedding. I wore earrings to church on Sunday. I meant to have Tyler take a picture of me actually wearing them, but we sort of fell apart after a long stake conference and forgot all about pictures. (and isn't it nice to have something new to make you feel cute when you are really just feeling fatter and more swollen by the day?)
Next thought is about my friend Jill. She spent the entire afternoon on Friday teaching me how to make bagels. Its something that I always thought would be good to make, but sounded like too much work to try. She also cooks in metric so it was really interesting to see that. I'm now no longer scared of making bagels (although I learned it def takes less time to just run to the bagel shop!)
Lastly, and the inspiration for this post- When I got home from bagel making Friday night I had gotten this in the mail. Is it not the cutest? What made me even happier was Tyler even loved it, and I don't think he has taken a second look at baby clothes yet. So, the last shout-out goes to my friend Diana for always being creative and having great ideas. Her blog shows the evidence. She is always making something cute, and I love being the recipient.
PS ... our due date is 2 weeks from today. (I keep telling people I think he will come later than that, but I still can't wait!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Shower

We went home this weekend for the express purpose of a baby shower. Here are some pix:
me and my sister
Jonas and the Rice crew
My Aunt Kris and Grandma Joyce
My cousin Sara and her dang cute daughter, Natalie.
Jennette-s, Rhonda (the baby's OTHER grandma) and Penguin Grandma
The Hostesses: Karen and Annie and Jan
We got thoroughly spoiled! The Prince of Bel-Air is going to be so dang cute! (Thats his name for blogging purposes because the name of our trailer park is 'Bel-Air'). Thanks everyone! I wish we could have been there (Boise) longer to catch up even more. Next time there will be three of us!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I Have Made

I'm pretty proud of some of my accomplishments as of late so here is a little bit of bragging:
1- I learned how to crochet forever ago (I think when I was in achievement days Mary Stosich first taught me). But ... I have never been able to read a pattern. So, on one of our garage-saling escapades I bought a 'learn to crochet book' in hopes that I could learn to read patterns. This was my first endeavor - (oh ... its a giraffe if you can't tell ... PS he glows in the dark!)
2- I am so sick of making curtains! But ... these will hopefully be the last ones for a long time. Plus, they were the most fun. Yes, they look a little like Charlie Brown Christmas trees, but they are not.

3- I made spanakopita for the first time. Tyler was a good sport and humored me by eating a couple pieces. I thought it turned out pretty well.
4- I made it on a 3.5 mile hike. This looks pretty dead, but we actually think Moscow is very pretty.
5- Tyler and I together made a delicious chocolate trifle. Thats another thing I had never made before.
6- With the help of the above mentioned trifle and spanakopita I have been making this belly. I know its kind of small, but when I saw this picture it surprised me to see how big my belly actually is getting. I'm at 34 weeks and the baby is plenty active. So, theres the pregnancy update too.