Thursday, June 30, 2011

For My Long Lost NC Friends

Here is a little update on our lives (although, I wouldn't mind hearing the same from you "Anne B" and Emily S):
Tyler is doing a joint program with the University of Idaho and Boise State. We were in Northern Idaho for the past 2 years (and I LOVED it). Now we are back in our hometown of Boise (and I'm liking a lot more than I expected after leaving a place I loved). So, we are no longer trailer trash. Its a big step down to being back in a regular old apartment. :) Its still fun. We live close to the greenbelt and parks and the zoo and my favorite grocery store so we go on lots of fun little bike rides and walks to fun places.
I've also started painting my fingernails, which I have never enjoyed before. Its going pretty well. I'm sure you are anxious for a status update on that. :)
Lincoln is one and a half, and he has been getting really big. Like he is a boy now. Not a baby. He is totally a mama's boy and I forgot how fun it is to show him off on the blog.
And I'm due the beginning of January. So ... I expect a baby around mid-January.
He totally looks like an Oakes boy here to me. (My maiden name). He is landing his 'hop.' He is really good at jumping for a 19 month old.

He got to pick his hat out of the treasure box at summer reading and he was really proud of it for a few days. He also loves to tote around his suitcase from his cousin, 'ZZuuzz.'
My lil' bro is leaving on a mission next week to Argentina. Tyler's sister's family just moved to London for 2 years. I should have lots of pics from recent family gatherings, but I don't ... yet. Maybe that will be next week's nap-time blog.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I love nap time because it turns into me blogging about this ...

Last night I decided that this baby is either the next karate kid
or I accidentally ate fireworks.
(thats right, I just went public)

Oh ... and have you seen how big this boy has gotten recently?
(Sussanah Warr took some family pictures before we moved and they are great! The above picture is compliments of her).
PSS- We have the internet again!

Friday, June 24, 2011