Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Blog

Due to the fact that I am not very techy, can't figure out how to make my old blogger new, and this it's time for a little change I want you to know I have a new blog: .  It will have random family updates and my other musings so it may not be exciting for anyone but me.  It's sort of more to keep myself organized.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Putting my feeling into words

I was finally able to put how I feel about Tyler into words (I had a little help):
 5- I think his tractors sexy
 4- He has honky tonk ba-donka donk
 3- I want to check him for ticks
 2- He looks good in his buffalo briefs
and my current #1 is - He makes my speakers go boom-boom
(If you don't know country music this isn't funny and just adds fuel to the fire of why you don't love it.  If you do ... what great lines am I missing so I can REALLY express my affection?)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deep Thoughts by the Rices

I was trying to teach Lincoln about some vowels recently.  
Me:  "This is the letter 'U'"
Lincoln:  "The letter Me?!?"
Me:  "Uh, no ... the letter 'U'"
Lincoln:  "The letter me!"
Me:  "Sure ... the letter you!!"
How do kids ever learn to read? 
 A couple vowels later ...
Me:  "This is the letter 'I'
Lincoln:  "The letter you?"
Me:  (can you just imagine how I feel stepping into this after the above convo?)  "Yup!  The letter 'I'"
Lincoln:  "Oh, the letter you!"
Lincoln may not learn to read until he is 12 thanks to all his mother's help.
 Porter can't be left out.  So, here he is doing some great thinking and growing.
 And he likes to bite things.  (Lemony Snickets, anyone?)
Other great things Lincoln has been saying:
We have some friends named Madden and Lindsey.  He refers to them as 'Madalindsey.'
Everyone is his friend.  He will talk about his 'Friend Grandma' or his 'Friend Aunt Lindsey.'
He started referring to himself as 'Feet-teef' when he pretends to be a dog and then decided that Porter was 'Mr. Pennyball' (I would assume this is from some PBS show?).
He likes to tell you about the 'word on the street' and then end his explanation as you would end a prayer. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lincoln is Fulfilled

 So, before we moved here Lincoln would say multiple times a day: "We are going to move for Florida and we are going to bury my whole body in the sand at the lotion."  Translation: "We are going to move to Florida and bury his whole body in the sand at the ocean."  The boy loves to play in the dirt.  Today, his goal was achieved.  Although, he didn't really love having his whole body buried.
Porter just wanted to eat all the sand.  He was a good sport, but he wore his mama out.  8 month olds at the beach are work.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey, We Live in Florida

   So, yes, we did move to Florida.  We decided a couple weeks before we actually moved so I guess that would be why I didn't spread the word a little more.  Tyler is doing one more year of school (we all hope) at UF.  The boys and I are living it up ... or trying to figure out our new terrain.  We really like it so far and we have been doing lots of fun things.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A long, long way

It takes a long time to get from Idaho to Florida so we had some fun with it:
First, we took a train.
Then we tried a motorcycle (the whole family didn't really fit).
A boat.
We found a friendly dolphin once we hit the coast.
We even borrowed Elvis's car for a bit. 
Lincoln hardly noticed.
He was more interested in the trip once we got on another boat.
And even a friendly dinosaur gave us a lift.