Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Streuss Waffles and Potties on the Wall (Oh, and a Red Bird)

One of my favorite European treats is streuss waffles. I think I must have eaten pounds of them. It always surprised me that I like them so much because A- there is no chocolate and B- there is carmel (something I typically don't care for). When I saw mini-waffles at the grocery store today I had to buy them. Not bad for imports!
Many people may know that Tyler works for a light fixture company. I can't imagine how business could be down when they sell products like this! Yes, thats the night-light Tyler brought home for me today.

And ... I took this picture when we were getting snowed on. I just thought it was perfect. Too bad its so small on the blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Relief Society Activity Ever

Hey Everyone-

So, a while ago I was put on the 'Enrichment Activity Planning Committee' ... or something along those lines. I have yet to take part in said calling. I think they expect me to have some fresh ideas at our next meeting (my first). So, in my willingness to not disappoint ... does anyone remember a great enrichment they attended? Any and all ideas will be appreciated!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Sister's Visit

Up until the last couple weeks NC had ranged in temperature from the 50s-70s. My sister came to visit and I kept teasing her that she brought Idaho weather with her. She never got to experience our warm, humid weather. We still went to the Outer Banks though. We went all the way up to the northernmost lighthouse, Currituck, which may be my favorite. The Outer Banks just gets a lot 'cuter' up there.


(I really like this picture even though its sideways and you can see the roof of my car).

This is Tryon Palace in New Bern. The guides are dressed like people from the 1700s and you can tour other historical homes. I got to play the harpsichord (fulfilling a life-long dream inspired by Encarta '95). I thought it was pretty cool.
It was fun to see her and get beat by her at all of the most ridiculous card games.

A little more about the weather here. It snows like every 15 years. Luckily, today is that day. It is hilarious though. Stores close and school gets cancelled just because of the chance of snow. So many people were stocking up on groceries to get them through this little spell last night that a friend who works at a grocery store got called in to work. My boss called everyone who worked today to tell them they might want to bring extra clothes to work because they might have to stay over for a while if it snowed. REALLY?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy, Buys, Busy ...

So, our anniversary was actually on the 5th. I, personally, celebrated by leaving Tyler here in Greenville on the 6th and going to DC to visit my long, lost, best-friend, Wendy. She had just moved there, and now I wish I had just moved there. Every time I go there I just like it more and more.

This is the train I took to get there. (Well ... I did take a train. Loved it).

This is Megan, Wendy, me and Jamie. We all lived in the same place our freshman year and part of sophmore year (until I moved) at BYU. It was really fun to get together and hear about what everyone was up to. It made me remember how awesome those girls are. Oh ... somehow I have a knack for finding free frozen yogurt, even in foreign cities.

My face ... I don't know how to say cheese. But we went to dinner at a chic pizza place. 2$ per bite of tortellini.

While Wendy was in class I spent my days roving the art galleries of DC. She texted me when she finished the first day to ask where I was. At that point I had been lost inside the National Gallery for a couple hours already so I replied that I thought I was at the Louvre. I even had to go back the next day, and I still never made it to the east building. Anyway, I loved it. This spider-thing is outside the Hirshhorn. I really wanted Kimber to be at this one with me. I think she would have had some comments to make it even better.

When I found art that I thought Tyler might appreciate I wanted to show it to him in hopes that someday he would go to an art museum with me and not feel like he is being punished. Ironically, another form of art we found was in the form of an NBA game. I don't think he would mind me dragging him to one of those. This is Wendy, me, and her new roommates Kristen and Carolyn (sp?). Oh, and they all are student teacing and get to live in a sweet pent-house in Crystal City. Does that not sound awesome? By the way, the wizards are not very good.

We also went to a free concert one night at the Kennedy Center. It was pretty awesome. We decided that this was the black version of Wendy's boyfriend. Cute, right?

Last, but not least, I will shame myself for a moment. I was really worn out by the end of one day and I was walking toward the Library of Congress when I noticed I could go in this greenhouse-y building. Turns out it was like my most favorite national museum ever. I think I took 70 pictures of cool flowers and 5 of my friends the entire trip. Another point to add to my shame is that I have spent a few days away from Tyler twice in our whole year of marriage. To Wendy's credit, they were both to see her. I had fun both times, but I really missed the little guy. To anyone who has seen or read The Golden Compass, I describe it as having my soul cut off. Its like I'm only half me when he isn't around. Sweet, huh? Well ... It has been a wonderful year even if I go on fun trips without him sometimes. And that was the synopsis of my really busy, but really fun trip to DC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Year

Can you not see the early-morning bliss radiating from our faces?