Saturday, January 30, 2010

These are about a week old ...

I'm pretty sure our little guy has sprouted like a little weed. He and I have kind of figured out a little routine, he is really smiley, he does some cute little tricks, and he is growing out of all his little baby clothes. (I can only use the word 'little' for so long so I just used it as much as I could). I also thought Lincoln's grandmas probably needed some new pictures.

He loves sitting and standing like he is all grown up.

He likes hikes/walks with his mom.

He does NOT like to be on his belly so he rolls right over when he can.

Everyone loves the little booties he has on. And Marilyn was right, they always stay on.

And his mom loves this foxy little outfit from Grandma Rhonda. Mom also loves when dad gets a turn with the little guy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Different

Last night I was thinking about how all blog posts are basically like journal entries or updates or bragging about something in life. I guess people sometimes ask for book or movie suggestions and things like that. So, I was thinking I would take a stab at something a little different. I guess I'll see if this has any success or not. I was thinking I would post a question and people could respond if they have the time or enthusiasm. So, my experimental question is this: What is it (something, one thing, or many things...) that makes your spouse (really, I could just say husband ... mostly it is us girls blogging) uniquely perfect for you? It could be something simple - like he can jump really high or he always eats the food I make to something more complex - like he is really patient and always helps me talk things out (something I never knew how to do before). I wanna hear it if you wanna tell it. So let the experiment begin!

(Obviously, those examples were references to the cute boy pictured above).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brag Rights

My blog is pretty much a personal brag zone. It used to be, 'this is Tyler and I going here and doing that ...' but now its all about Lincoln. And because I can't brag about what a good sleeper he is or that he found a cure for cancer or anything like that ... yet ... I will brag about how cute he is. His goofy little smile melts my heart (and I mean that just as cheesy as it sounds). I can also brag about what a good photographer my sister-in-law, Jennette, is. Here is some of her excellent work with my favorite little model.
of course the socks made the blog.

here is the goofy smile.

and this one is my favorite.