Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sin Dawg

About a year ago, more or less, my grandma introduced Tyler and I to Dave's Killer Bread. Have you had it? It is my grocery shopping treat. It is expensive, so I can't get it all the time, but its SO GOOD. I care very little about the organic-mumbo-jumbo. Its just simply delicious. Get this kind if you want to try it:
Good Seed Loaf
Anyway, I was looking for recipes on line to try to copy it a little. I didn't find anything that looked too promising. (So, if you know where I can find something PLEASE let me know). But I did find a little video and recipe of Killer Dave himself making a 'sin dawg.' Basically, a portland-health-hippie version of a cinnamon roll. I made them Saturday. Too much work to prob make again, but really good.
Thats right ... I even bake ... from scratch on occasion.
Thanks for looking at my post about my Killer Dave crush. Better to blog about it than to act upon it. Tyler might get jealous ... that I'm eating all the bread.