Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Not-Reading List

I like to read. And when its a good read there isn't much else I like to do until I'm finished. Every time I go to the library the book 'Cider House Rules' stand out to me. I finally picked it up yesterday. I knew it had something to do with abortion ... thats about it. About 90 pages in I decided I better read the synopsis to find out if I really did want to finish the book. Here is the thing- a book about abortion, or a doctor's mission to help women by performing abortions, or an orphan learning about his crazy past; all of these are themes I would be interested in reading about. But here is the bummer, after reading the synopsis and the first 90 pages I have discovered that those are plots in the book, but sex is what sells it. Its just ploy to hook readers because human minds are intrigued by sex. If there were less intimate details I would want to finish. John Irving just used abortion as the bait and sex as the hook and I just think its lacking real content. Sheesh ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lincoln's First ...

Some people blog about their babies first word or steps or tooth. Not me. The nurse in me wants to blog about Lincoln's first ... band-aid! Just a little paper cut from his intensive reading. But I was more than happy to pull out the animal band-aids and clean up his cut. I'm guessing that he will have it off his finger in minutes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thanks Hailey, Hilgabilga, and Sussanah

I may post more about this adventure later just because the pictures are so cute, but for now I wanted to show off a picture of this beautiful wheat field.

Its awesome, right?