Friday, September 17, 2010

Family History

Okay, how awesome is this? I got on and found my family history back about 3 more generations. (By awesome, you may be thinking nerdy). And I just can't find enough time to look up all the things I want to. (So, I'm blogging about it rather than doing it ... Sheesh).


etreiersen said...

I can definitely see why you are the Relief Society President. You are old and you love family History. Just kidding! Family history is neat.Good job working on it.

Tim Reidmiller said...

Hi guys.

Stumbled upon the history part of your Blog here, and was facinated to see my Grandfather's name listed.

My Grandfather was Mark C Schnupp, 1905 - 1978.

I can help you fill in a ton of information around him if you are interrested.

Not a blogger, just stumbled on this, so Im not sure how we can communicate. is my "junk" email account, that I use for public transactions, so that it catches all the spam and junk that occurs when you give your email publicly. If you wish to communicate, get ahold of me using my account, and then Ill send you my personal email.

Take care.