Saturday, October 30, 2010

inspiration to get things done

the inspiration from the last post inspired me to make this hat i've been wanting to make for the past few months. now lincoln just needs to grow into it. PS- i love finishing projects in one day.

these are even cuter in real life

greendog hat-greendog kids hats animal fun hats

Thursday, October 28, 2010

things i accomplished today ...

we put plastic over our windows so we are winter-weather ready. (c'mon ... we live in a trailer ... this sort of thing is to be expected from us).

we took our trash to the dump. and our recycling to the recycler.

i washed all our sheets. (and made the beds again).

i caught lincoln gabbering and flipping through his books all by himself quite a few times. it makes my little heart swell with pride that he seems to like books so far. (sorry, this isn't a 'book picture', but it is a pretty cute 'eating dirt' picture).

we went out on the town and had lunch at quiznos. with a coupon.

i vaccuumed.

i made one of the dinners we learned about at our last relief society activity. i think i liked it more than i expected.

speaking of food, this is day four without chocolate. for anyone who has been around me much, that is quite the feat. its not exactly a goal, more the byproduct of a current goal.

this picture is actually from a week or so ago. since lincoln walks and it would be severe torture to make him go to halloween events with other kids while his legs are stuck inside a fluffy catepillar i made him wear his bug suit on a walk and take some pictures.

tyler put more latches on the cupboards so that no more of this will happen. yeah, he is in the trash.

i finished book 3 of percy jackson. on a side note. i want to mention that i read the autobiography of CS Lewis a couple years ago. he said that a big part of his conversion was his interest in fantasy. and its funny that books like 'percy jackson' and 'the chronicles of narnia' can make me think more about Heavenly Father and maybe even shed some light on eternal principles.

oh! and maybe one of the most fulfilling events; i caouldn't figure out my dang zipper foot for my sewing machine a couple weeks ago. so, i gave up and tried to do a project without it. that surely backfired. so, then tonight i googled it and played with it and i figured it out! oh, glory!