Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Shower

We went home this weekend for the express purpose of a baby shower. Here are some pix:
me and my sister
Jonas and the Rice crew
My Aunt Kris and Grandma Joyce
My cousin Sara and her dang cute daughter, Natalie.
Jennette-s, Rhonda (the baby's OTHER grandma) and Penguin Grandma
The Hostesses: Karen and Annie and Jan
We got thoroughly spoiled! The Prince of Bel-Air is going to be so dang cute! (Thats his name for blogging purposes because the name of our trailer park is 'Bel-Air'). Thanks everyone! I wish we could have been there (Boise) longer to catch up even more. Next time there will be three of us!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

HOW FUN!!!! That was so wierd for you to have "my cousin Sara" on your blog .... my cousin too :)

I'm so excited for this little cutie to come!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Trev and Shan said...

HAHAHAAA!!! I love his nick-name! I'm glad The Prince of Bel-Air got spoiled! I still need to send your gift...I'll get it done one of these days! :)

Anne B. said...

So exciting! Opening presents for your kids is WAY more fun than opening for yourself. Congrats, (again!) Katie and Tyler!!!

RobinsonRugrats said...

I LOVE his nickname... "The Prince of Bel-Air"!!! That made me laugh. I am excited for you and the baby shower. They are so much fun!

Diana Hulme said...

How fun! Ok, I am experiencing major "wish i lived in Boise" feelings right now. I forgot how beautiful Jan's restored house is - ah, those huge crown moldings are making me swoon. Next time you see her tell her how much I miss her & her lovely home! :)

And...can you email me your address? And tell me your due date again, please? And tell me what your baby's name is going to be (but only if you're sure). :) Thanks.

Rebekah said...

baby showers are so fun!! and that house had some of the prettiest trim and finishes i have seen! i love your name for your little boy!
love, Rebekah