Saturday, September 13, 2008

"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore." -Yogi Berra

Today we discovered the wonders of garage sales in Greenville. Here is a list of what just under $80 has bought us:

a new Trek 1400 road bike (quite the upgrade from the one we left behind)
a nice coffee table
wicker chair and foot-stool (for porch sittin')
hair product
with the above three listed items the lady threw in a pretty nice rug
a vintage boy scout pack
a treasure box
a pretty decent vacuum cleaner
with that the lady gave tyler a complimentary ECU tennis ball her dead husband may have won years ago
vacuum bags X 3
one heck of a school desk that fits in it's place perfectly
electric pencil sharpener
boogie board (which we did awesome at this afternoon)
crepe pan (these are a rarity, my mother would be so proud)

"basically, Greenville garage sales are the bomb-dot-com." -Tyler


Jennette said...

Other than the hair product:) it sounds like you guys got some great buys!

Diana Hulme said...

Sweet. I'm very impressed. Why am I not on your friends list. :)

Rich Taylor said...

I challenge you to a road bike race when you get back to idaho.

The Robinson Family said...

Hey Katie and Tyler!! I am so glad that you found me, b/c I didn't know you had a blog. I love looking at everyone's blogs. I know what you mean about Greenville yard sales. Christian and I have had good luck w/ them as well.

Adam, Kimber and Jonas Rice said...

......i miss you guys.......=) but i'm hppy to hear you're gettin' some great deals in NC ...nice!

Tieky Torch said...

Yard Sales! I didn't even know there were any! I must see for myself sometime! Its quite sad the prices that things are today, even here. If you guys are looking for some furniture, aka couch, ask the Bickman's. They are moving soon to Singapore, and are trying to get rid of their stuff! Love the blog!