Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i found some pics from our first trip to boise

this is my super-cute wakeboarding husband
this is one of Heaton's modeling shots ... i wonder why he isn't on the cover of a magazine. :) let me mention though, that in the year we were gone he grew 5 inches and became a teenager.
this is my mom's modeling shot
this is my brother, Brayden, showing off
this is me with my skinny little brother
and this is tyler and i doing what i do best because the MDs said no wakeboarding or water skiing this summer. and then tyler enforced it (i may have cried about this a couple times).
this is my fancy-pants uncle Mark showing the wakeboarding generation how things used to be done
this is my grandma and her husband, tim
when we first got back i found it really cute that my brother just wanted to be around me all the time (it must of worn off because the last trip to boise he was more interested in his video games). here he is trying to feel a little kick from his future nephew (cute, right?)
i do have a sister ... but no pictures of her. i think she even got cuter while we were gone. but ... this is brayden once again
so, thats pictures of my side of the family that i took from my parents. i wish i had pictures of tyler's side from family reunions and Idaho City. one of my fav stories is that my cute nephew, Seth, was interested in the fact that there was a baby in me. he kept asking if I had picked out a name yet. one morning he grabs my hand and says, 'lets play a game ... i know, lets go downstairs and you can have your baby now.'


Lena said...

I love the picture of you and your brother just hanging out and him trying to feel the baby kick. That is just too sweet. My brother and I aren't that close so to me that would be really weird but I'm glad that you have a relationship like that with your brother. Hopefully Madison and Jonas will have what you have with your brother...and any future kiddos too. BTW you look great.

Lori said...

My favorite picture was of.... your uncle waterskiing. :)

Suzi Q said...

I miss Boise. So bad. You look super amazing by the way. SO tan too!

Anne B. said...

My brother, Cris, and I used to hang around lying on each other's tummies listening to our guts gurgle. Then when I got pregnant we hugged and he said, "Ew. That's weird. I don't like it." I was sad that he didn't want to feel my baby belly. I'm happy for you and your bro! :)

I also recall asking Dave why he wasn't taking me with him on a YM boating activity and having him look pointedly at my belly. I may or may not have cried at that time! :)

Love that I can still keep up with you!

Trev and Shan said...

Yay, your belly is getting so cute! Doesn't it suck being out on the boat and not being able to wakeboard? I couldn't go snowboarding this year, either. But pretty soon we'll have our prizes!!!

Tueller 3 said...

Katie, this is Sis. T. I saw your comment on Diana's blog, and I missed you! So I found this wonderful blog you have and now I really miss you! I miss that you are probably the only person who ate the bean burrito at midnight at our house! And so happy you are going to be a mom!