Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wendy's Wedding

So, this last week we took one more little trip before Tyler starts school on Tuesday. We went to Boise for a few days, which was a little less hectic this time and we got to spend more time with Adam & Kimber and Rich & Jennette. We then went on a super quick trip to Utah to see one of my most favorite people get married. The two times Tyler and I have been apart since getting married resulted from two trips I took to see Wendy. Thats how much I like her. So, here are some pictures of how great she looked and pictures with some of my favorite people. There was too much driving, and I really did get to see more friends than these pictures show, so it was a great trip. Oh, and thanks Westy for letting us stay with you.


Janica said...

so that's what i need to do to hide my baby bump, wear prints;) Love you girl and so happy to see you. p.s. can you email some of the pictures you took? I, sadly, took none.

Heide Gentry-Kemp said...

Katie~ I love the baby bump!! You are so cute! Do you know what you are having? any names yet? I hope that everything is going well and we sure do miss you and tyler. Tell him hello for me.