Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the genetics of picture taking

my eyes: shut
shut (we took 5 fam photos)
Tyler has pointed out to me on numerous occasions that it is not difficult to keep one's eyes open for a picture, but I have yet to master the task. I have no idea why I can't keep my eyes open for the millisecond it takes to take a picture.
until now! my mom - eyes shut
my mom - eyes shut

my mom's mom - eyes shut
grandma - eyes shut!
I didn't know it could be a hereditary defect, but the pictures don't lie. We have some sort of mutated-photography-sensitive-heavy-eyelid-DNA.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ha! that's super funny! you look cute in pics even with your eyes shut tho :)

etreiersen said...

Ha ha. I have the same problem I always close my eyes too. I would like to hear Tyler's advice on how to keep your eyes open.

By the way I did not leave that last comment on your last post. It was Eric. He always teases me for reading blogs. When you e-mailed I realized it was him. Anyways, that is a great talk that I learn from everytime I read it too.

Jenny said...

This really made me LOL! I have red eye in pictures and I've passed it on to my daughter. I think I'd rather have the 'eyes shut' thing instead of looking like a demon.

Thuy Nelson said...

Haha that is too funny! Glad you guys are doing well. You have the cutest family!