Friday, June 5, 2009


There are definitely things we will miss about NC.  BBQ has taken on another completely different meaning here.  I thought BBQ meant steaks or even hot-dogs on the grill.  Wrong.  Here, BBQ is pulled pork.  NC is supposedly 'famous' for its vinegar-based BBQ.  I only learned that after moving here.  Let me tell you, there is some dang good stuff.  (Well, and some that isn't my favorite).  There are a few hole-in-the-wall joints that have made the news though.  

First - Bill Ellis BBQ.  We've eaten this a few times because he is the owner of the house that we put that chandelier up in.  So, they fed us his food.  The BBQ was a little spicier, but good.  and ... I liked the hush-puppies and I am NOT a hush-puppy, corn-stick, fan.

The above picture is at Pete Jone's Skylight Inn.  Notice this man in cutting up meat with a cleaver.  The guy at the front window there usually has 2 cleavers.  And there were flies buzzing around.  But, Presidents have gone there to eat and its ranked as one of the top-10 BBQ places in the nation.  (Thanks for the heads' up, Rich).

I think my favorite so far is B's.  You can tell it looks classy as well.  Everyday people stand in line for an hour to get their food and every day they are open just for lunch and they stay open until the food runs out.  (Which is probably 2 or 3 pm).

There are other places like Parker's and Bum's (once again ... see the theme of classiness that accompanies this food?).  One of my favorite things about the food here I learned at Parker's.  You can choose your side of vegetables.  The options are green beans, french fries, or macaroni and cheese ... the waiter looked at me like I was retarded when I asked, 'When did mac-n-cheese become a vegetable?'

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