Thursday, June 18, 2009

Media Post

I've been trying to think of all the books and movies I've read/listened to/ or watched recently because I really want to say something about "Anna Karenina." So, here are some of my thoughts on others as well:

We saw this in Puerto Rico with Rich and Jennette, but Tyler redboxed it last night. I stand by my evaluation that it should have been rated R, and that Tyler needs to do a few years in the special services before we have a daughter. Good thing we are having a son! But, in the movie's defense ... the dad is pretty dang awesome and it kept me hooked (and I normally find actions scenes boring).
This was a short little book that I had to finish because I don't like to leave things unfinished. I actually liked the end much better than the beginning because I think the author stopped being as artsy and started telling an interesting story at the end. Not one I recommend.

Believe it or not, I had never seen "Sleepless in Seattle" before Tuesday. I enjoyed it. I had to love skinny Tom Hanks and spunky Meg Ryan talking about MFEO. Hate me if you will (Emily V), but not THE MOST amazing chick-flick.
Speaking of most amazing chick-flicks, this is. I really like podcasts and I downloaded the whole audiobook off some podcast channel and could hardly function in normal life because I just wanted to be plugged into my ipod. (Even though I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen). This one never gets old. (and it was nice to try it in a new form)
Okay, Anna; I really loved it from the start. Two characters were set-up in a victorian-esc love dilemma. The other characters were talking about affairs from the female stand-point and nothing positive was said of them. Well, I liked Tolstoy's writing (except when he went off on Russian politics that I know nothing about). And I loved the two characters, from the love dilemma in the beginning, all the way through the book. But I think Anna was supposed to evoke more of a reaction from me. I just got sick of her and was glad to not read about her any longer. Anyone who has read this, I would love some other thoughts.
Actually, I also listened to this one as an audiobook. This author just writes about sad things. I think my heart broke like 300 times. But I still loved it. If they made a movie out of it, then maybe I could compare it to "The Kite Runner." I thought this one ended more sadly, but more optimisticly, but that could have just been the difference in a movie versus a book. I'll reiterate that I really like books and movies like this. They make me appreciate what I have and they shed light on things I know nothing about (ie. Afghanistan and terrorism).


Emmers said...

i thought we were going to be friends when you got to boise but I guess I was wrong... Not mfeo anymore. Also, how did you hit almost 24 years old before seeing that?

Anne B. said...

I'm going to have to read Anna Karinina (sp?) and A Thousand Splendid Suns. You should read "These Is My Words." (by K. Turner) Don't be thrown by the title. It is quite possibly one of the best books I've read. :)

KSHammond said...

I really really loved the movie Taken. Our friends kept begging to watch it, and I'm not normally a "action movie" kind of gal. I LOVED it. Sat on the edge of my seat the whoooooole stinkin time. I hope you are feeling well, you know pregnancy wise. And I hope the rest of it flys by for you.

Russ and Kristen said...

Katie, I have to agree with you about Sleepless in Seattle. Not my fave and I get discriminated for it! :( ha ha! But Taken, I absolutely loved it. After we watched it, I turned to Russ and said "When we have a daughter, she's NEVER going over seas! And she'll never leave home!" You know, just as a precaution! :) Anyway, I love and miss you! If you guys have time when you're in Boise, lets get together! Love you!

Zach and Jordy said...

we're in Boise until June 29th. Will you guys be back by then? Give me a call!

Tina said...

Thousand splendid suns is one of my favorite books. You need to read three cups of tea if u haven't already!