Monday, May 4, 2009

i LOVE lists

School is almost over.   I have one more paper to write and then I need to keep tabs on my classes for the next week.  Then ... I am done.  I can barely contain myself.  Last week I noticed I started accumulating more lists than usual.  I usually have a grocery list and a to-do list, but now I have those plus a 'to do when school ends' list, plus a list of things to do when we are in Boise this summer, plus a list of things for my mom to do for me.  I'm going overboard.  I do want to share my Boise list though because there may be things that I am missing.  Of course, visit family and friends is a given.  Here is what else I have come up with:

eat at-
Costa Vida!
golden spoon
mongolian BBQ
tyler wants guidos
albertsons chocolate donuts (they are my favorite!)

4th of July with the Rices
lay by my parents' pool ... a lot
spend time in Idaho City
go for a bike ride on the greenbelt
ride Tyler's motorcycle
bike ride in the foothills
play volleyball
attempt to find all our stuff that we left in so many places before we moved
go to the temple
find my old stuffed animals
go to McCall 
go kayaking in McCall
go fishing

I love Boise summers.  For anyone who doesn't know, we are probably going to U of I in Moscow for law school.  We will spend July in Boise and then move up north.  Not too far from home.  I'm getting more excited the more details we start planning.  


Laura said...

GREAT list! I agree, Costa Vida is the BEST! I don't know why more places don't have Mongolian BBQ either. What's with that?

Emmers said...

I never responded... YES I am in Boise for the summer... we will have to hang out - I will go to the temple with you :) and go riding and all the other fun stuff. I am so IN. Kiss. BFC4Eva

Anne B. said...

Ugh...this post just depresses me. Having "been there, done that" (the moving-to-where-we-need-to-go-next part), I understand it and I support you fully, but we just like you! In the words of Jackson, just before I tuck him into bed so he can prolong bedtime as long as possible, "Don't go!"

Anne B. said...

P.S. Good luck finding all your stuff. We still haven't... we are complete failures at this!

Diana Hulme said...

i love lists too. didn't you & i have a "list notebook" in high school? something like that, right?

Jen said...

Guidos, Costa Vida and laying out by the pool, yep your list is complete! I hope to see you in July.

Trev and Shan said...

Don't forget Goldies for breakfast. Their eggs benny is the best...seriously. Also you should take Tyler to the new bike park in Eagle of highway 55. Me and Micah have been going lately, you put your life at risk but its a lot of fun. On second though you better not take Tyler, he's not as good as us on bikes and will probably get really hurt! heh heh...

Heide Gentry-Kemp said...

Lists are always good and it looks like you hit just about everything! I miss playing volleyball with you guys!

JH said...

So I was just cruising through your blog, and somehoe the PREGNANCY news had totally escaped my attention. Congrats!!! And I will be in Idaho this summer as well, working on the Salmon river, come boating! I'll try to find a maternity life jacket for ya ;)