Monday, February 16, 2009

Puerto Rico- Items 1-3

I think there are about 10 different aspects of Puerto Rico I could blog about. Since I finally have a day off I am going to. But, I think I will just pick 2. Maybe 3. I'll see how fast I am. Also, since Tyler has semi-volunteered to blog I will leave the full trip blog until he gets home.

#1- My father in law playing in the waves. You know we will have awesome kids when their grandpa was the one doing this the entire trip:

#2- Jennette's 'Arrested Development' Chicken Dance and Rich's Whale. I think I would need permission to post those.

#3- Jennette. I wouldn't say we were not friends before, but now I would say she is on my list of favorite people. (Just like southerners to use a double negative). Pretty much, she is awesome. She is a great photographer, she is very practical, she made us awesome dinner on a number of occasions, she has read nearly every book I want to read, she has this theory on dog people/readers that I cannot dispute, did I mention she does the chicken?, the fish seem to love her, etc.

Did I mention she is really cute and that she was an excellent hostess? Oh, and Rich is great too. And if you want to see more of their Puerto Rican adventures you can check out their blog.


Jennette said...

I was not expecting a mention in your blog, what a pleasant surprise! It was really fun to get to know you better too, I had such a good time while you two were here and I keep hoping you will come out for another visit. Love you! p.s. you are allowed to post the videos, I do a really good chicken :)

Rich Taylor said...

and the whale

Adam, Kimber and Jonas Rice said...

DUDES!!! HOW FUN!!! man we really miss everyone. and looking at these pics made me miss ya'll even more. i am glad things were so perfect there. it was good talkin to you today katie, love you!

Anne B. said...

PUERTO RICO!!! We almost went there on vacation. In fact, we were there and had the hotel paid for for 5 more nights, but went home. It's a sad sad story I'll tell you about sometime...

I'm glad you had fun! I thought your father-in-law was Tyler in the "sea" pics. Much of a same-ness, I'm sure! :)

PS In answer to your question on our blog about the lighthouses, we did not see them all in one day. We stayed in a cottage at Nags Head for the week and took it bit by bit, but Ocracoke was the first place we visited when we moved here last June and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. ARRRRGH!!

Trev and Shan said...

FUN!!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time! One thing is for sure...Tyler looks EXACTLY like his dad. I actually mistaked Tyler for his dad in one of the pics. Haha!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hey Guys! Found your blog off of a friends! Hope life is treating you well! It's great to have your blog address now so we can semi-keep in touch!

Feel free to check out our blog anytime!

zyxwxyz08 said...

did you buy more black nail polish??
cuse theres no way your toes are STILL black!
love it!