Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day After Valentines

This summer when we went up to visit my grandma in McCall she opened up her safe and gave me a couple pins that belonged to her mother and a little powder case (for make up ... I'm not exactly sure what they are called). So, I know this picture doesn't show it well, but I am wearing on eof the pins and I think it is really cute. It just happens to make 45,000 times better that my great-grandmother used ot wear it. (Thanks for letting me be ridiculous and take this picture Dearie).

We were told we should take rain jackets to Puerto Rico with us. There is a store in town called The Great Outdoor Provisions Company. We thought that might be a good place to find a jacket. We happened to go on a day they were having a big sale and we found all sorts of cheap, but wonderful jackets. None of them were rain jackets. We ended up spending more money than planned so we decided our jackets would be our Valentine's presents. I am pretty ridiculous and I am not even telling you the full extent of things. But to add a little to our ridiculous-ness I will say our jackets match. As much as Tyler argued I made him take matching-jacket/Valentines pictures yesterday.