Friday, January 27, 2012

From Last Week

What does Porter get to wear when he pees through 10 outfits in 1 day? Baby's First Christmas. It was the middle of January, so we weren't even a month off.
My sis and I took some 'model pix of Porter' (see below). Everything 'Baby Brother' does Lincoln wants to do too. So ... he took a turn in the spotlight. (I just realized he is wearing his Santa jammies too. Lincoln likes to say, "Hey Mom, guess what?!? CHRISTMAS!!!")
Our Van's model.


Anne B. said...

Katie, Your boys are so PRECIOUS! (For real; not the creepy Lord of the Rings Precious.) Congrats on your newest addition, too! We are excited for you!

And... (please don't hate me!)

You've been TAGGED. Go to following for details:

lindsey said...

oh man, i love them so much!!!

Jennette and Rich said...

You've got some very cute little male models on your hands

Brett & Hailey Cahoon said...

I know this post is mainly Porter's, but GOODNESS! I can't hardly believe how big Lincoln is. Love em boys.

Thuy Nelson said...

Oh my Gosh, Kate!!! I can't believe how CUTE Porter is! And Lincoln looks all grown up as a big brother. Seriously, I am so happy for you! Hope all is well for you guys!