Friday, August 12, 2011

The Zoo

August and the end of July have been much less exciting than June and early July. I guess thats what happens when all your family leaves. Rhonda got us a zoo pass when we moved here (funny sidenote: it says it belongs to the household of Kimber and Katie Rice ... don't we sound like a cute little lesbian couple?).
Anyway, Lincoln and I go about once a week. His favorite things about the zoo have nothing to do with the animals, but he still really likes it there. His favorite things include the pictures of animals, the toy animals, the giraffe slide, the goats, the geese, the jeep, the drinking fountain, the special picnic tables ... he is a funny kid.
I let him ride the merry-g0-round the other day because he always looks at it longingly, and i finally thought I could stomach going with him. Turns out he loves it and we now have a little monster.
I often think I'm going to look back at this summer and think about the bike rides on the greenbelt to the zoo and think about how great it was. I've been feeling really good this week, and I might even agree to its greatness right now.
Thanks for the zoo pass Rhonda!


lindsey said...

that boy is the cutest!
i don't know how #2 can compare...

Brett & Hailey Cahoon said...

Totally love this post. You made me laugh which makes me think of how much I like you. And. . . I think Lincoln is adorable. Glad you're feeling a little better.