Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Shower Season

Its almost here. This spring in Moscow it will be much more mellow than the last. (Seriously, last spring there was a baby shower every Saturday for 8 Saturdays in a row!) It also means I have been working on some seemingly small, quick projects. I always start thinking that a project will be so quick and easy and I always get so frustrated about half way through when it is taking me 30 times longer than I planned. Always! But this most recent project turned out pretty dang cute. Despite the broken needle and upside down sewing I had to do to complicate things. But I can't post a picture until I have given them away. So, Diana, let me know when you get it.


Diana Hulme said... this me, Diana? I'm so excited!

Diana Hulme said...

thank you!!! we got the ADORABLE bib in the mail yesterday. how fun to get a gift from you! i can't believe you made it - it's so cute. thanks!!!