Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Mini-Update

Its been a while and I don't know what all has happened. Quick little update on our lives:
- We made it to Idaho. It was actually a pretty smooth drive.
- We went to a Rice family reunion, and family get-togethers for both sides of my family.
- We hung out in Idaho City, Boise, McCall, and found ourselves only sleeping in the same bed 2 nights in a row.
- We went to Moscow, ID where Tyler will be starting school.
- We bought a trailer. We now live here:

- We work on it all day everyday. It is already looking WAY better. Tyler says I have to learn patience and not post before and after pix until we are done. Its taking more restraint than I thought. (But here is a non-house picture showing how much crap we still have left to unpack. We just got the internet yesterday. Tyler was so excited to use it. But ... by the time I came to check on him he had fallen asleep. He has def been working hard).

- I keep promising Janica I will post a 'belly-shot.' I made Tyler take this just a minute ago. So, its up-to-date. 25 weeks. In the past couple weeks I have really started growing. And ... our little man is active all the time. I still don't know how real it seems, but we are starting to get very excited! (Oh, and if you are going to say something nice, like "you look great," ... I'm still not loving pregnancy and I always respond with "well, I still throw-up" so thats my disclaimer and you can skip the remark. :) really, its getting better, its only like once a week. but I'm well enough that I think all this puking will be worth it).

Thats my shortened update for the last month!


Janica said...

YOU LOOK GREAT! haha.. , but really, you do. You're still throwing up? I'm sorry, that sucks. I like the shorts, where did you get them? I'm not too excited about preg. pants. Thanks for posting the pic:)

Morgan and Emily said...
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Morgan and Emily said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well! From time to time I've wondered how you both are - but now I know! I can't wait to see the before/after pictures. Hope all continues to go well! When does school start for Tyler?

RobinsonRugrats said...

I have been wondering how the trek across country went. It is so good to see y'all! Your belly looks so cute. Have you thought of names yet?

Anne B. said...

Ditto to all JoAnna said. and may I just say, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" I feel horrible that I was gone and didn't get to say a proper goodbye. Sounds like you had a fun/exhausting type trip and Hooray! for your own place. Can't wait for the before/after shots either.

(for the record, you DO look...AWESOME--at least I didn't say "great"--and I'm sorry that you still puke. That stinks.) :) :) :) :)

Lena said...

Well I was wondering how you all were doing. I'm glad that you all got there safely and sorry that I was gone as well when you left and I'm also sorry that I was a crappy VT. I hope you and your little family the best. I can't wait to see pics of that handsome little rice baby. And reguardless of what you say, you do look great. And for 25 weeks, I'm super jealous!! Good Luck!!

Rebekah said...

Congrats on your new place, i can't believe you are 25 weeks...i know it still doesn't seem real, but you will eventually have your little man, and being a mother could not be greater! im sorry you are still throwing up:(...i only threw up for the first 18 weeks a couple times a i feel your pain!
love, Rebekah