Friday, October 17, 2008

Wshington DC ... Day 1

Our friends, Marina and Steve, invited us to DC with them for the weekend. Unfortunatley, we (Tyler, Marina and I) played all weekend, but poor Steven had to work. We didn't really have time to go see all the sites, but we did run around trying to see everything we could.
Natural History Smithsonian.
Thats me up there near the top of the steps. This is the national archives building that holds the constitution and the declaration of independence and such. And the Magna Carta which was cool. Just a small reminder (and a little joke) ... "No Flash Photography."
This is in the mall in front of the castle.
Theses are the never used doors to the archives building.
We were exhausted by the end of day 1.


SHAY said...

So adventurous! You guys look like you've been everywhere! It's so pretty there!

Lori said...

oh it looks so fun! miss you guys!

Doug & Randi said...

I love the pic of the gorilla just hangin out watchin the world go by. Those doors were HUGE! and yes, I put those wedding pics up for you!:)